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Rural financial services
Fullerton India Gramshakti

Enhancing livelihoods. Enriching lives.

The progress of any nation finds its roots in the rural development. Introducing efficient financial services in these regions will empower the rural families to achieve better stability with new ventures that can enhance their means of livelihood. This will also encourage the rural families to find various means of funding their business ideas which further implies the fact that it will reduce the number of villagers migrating to urban places in search of employment. Affordable financial support will thus build a strong rural development and thereby result in the overall improvement of the livelihood opportunities in the nation.

At Fullerton India, our long-term vision to offer quality financial services will enable the people from these regions to chase their ideas and turn them into reality. We will also help to find the right market for their goods or services which will enhance their trade. Our rural business named GramShakti has found its space in 11 states being Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. We offer a range of financial services to over 51,000 villages changing their lives for good. We have about 301 branches and close to 4000 employees who support us in this journey.

Rural Financial Services - For Rural Development

Last Mile Reach – Our Core Strength

Our last mile reach motto is where the success of our mission lies. We have a range of financial services to offer. But to make these available for use by the customer is crucial. With a strong network with our GramShakti project we have been able to tap the neglected segments of the rural market and boost their earning capacities.

With well-trained relationship officers the reach to the most interior rural segments has now become a possibility. Each of our branches cover about a radius of 25 km area in and around them and offer services to households in over 100 villages and small towns. Our dedicated officers constantly strive and work along with the villagers to make them understand the existing financial options and how they can benefit financial independence by choosing them. They try and explain the various aspects of financial choices and how by maintaining a good credit will build lasting relationships amongst the two.

Leveraging Technology to Service the Rural Customer

We strongly believe that good technological support can transform rural markets. Hence, we have invested in unique systems that will catalyse our services with better performances. The use of bio-metric authentication processes and transaction devices, have enabled speedier servicing of collections and also built a great level of transparency, trust and customer confidence. Our branches are linked with central systems and all operations are online providing access to customer information and transactions on a real time basis.

GramShakti - Innovating Products for Customer Needs

We understand that each business is different and each customer’s requirement is different. So we are always striving to understand these explicit needs and cater to them efficiently. By answering to these specific business and customer needs, we empower the rural families to go beyond their set expectations and to achieve what was merely an idea.

Our key Rural Financial services are

Loan against property

Fullerton India’s GramShakti also offers Loan against property to rural customers for their working capital needs, SME requirements, business expansion or setting up an independent unit. The loan amount availed can range from ` 50,000 to ` 10 lakhs for a period of 5 years.

Livelihood Advancement Loans for Women's Groups:

Women empowerment is one of the priority tasks that seeks immediate attention. We understand this and so we provide Livelihood Advancement Loans ranging from ` 15,000 to ` 40,000 to individual women within the group. Generally the group consists 5 women. This scheme motivates the women to take charge of traditional and modern means of livelihoods that can be anything from dairy farming, handloom weaving or handicrafts.

Growing Enterprise Loans:

Apart from agriculture the rural market deals with self-employed individuals and smaller businesses. We provide loans and encourage these small businesses to flourish. Termed as Growing Enterprise Loans, these loans range from ` 40,000 to ` 2.5 Lakhs.

Two-wheeler Loans:

With the growing businesses comes the need for independent transportation. Most rural families prefer the 2-wheelers as they are easy to use and can commute on any kind of roads. Fullerton India GramShakti offers a loan amount of ` 20,000 to ` 60,000 to facilitate this need.

Commercial Vehicle Loans:

Along with the need for 2-wheelers villagers also require commercial vehicles to transport the goods produced in the rural areas to other towns and cities for consumption. Fullerton India GramShakti finances purchase of Small Commercial Vehicles & Light Commercial vehicles for small & big traders, dairies and those engaged in services and offers loans up to ` 8 Lakhs.

Hypothecation Loans:

Purchase of new machineries is an integral part of any new business. Hypothecation loans from Fullerton India aids the small enterprises to purchase new machineries. These tailor-made loans help you in conducting your business seamlessly.

Life Insurance:

We put in lot of efforts to make the rural families understand the importance of life insurance and how they can protect their families with the help of these schemes in case of adversaries. We then help them by offering the right product based on the suitability and affordability.

* Loans are at the sole discretion of Fullerton India and are subject to guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. Fullerton India may engage the services of marketing agents for the purpose of sourcing loan assets in certain locations.