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Rural Financing Solution

Rural Financing

Fullerton India Rural Financing will take care of all your financial requirements if you live in a rural area. We have Rural financing products catering to your every need. Apply for our rural financial services, housing finance, two-wheeler loans, commercial vehicle loans.

Rural Financial Services

The progress of any nation finds its roots in the rural development. Introducing efficient financial services in these regions will empower the rural families to achieve better stability with new ventures that can enhance their means of livelihood. This will also encourage the rural families to find various means of funding their business ideas which further implies the fact that it will reduce the number of villagers migrating to urban places in search of employment.

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Rural Housing Finance

Majority of our country’s population resides in rural areas, where they hope for basic amenities and good living conditions. Providing easy financial resources to help them purchase or construct a house, is our first step towards the betterment of life in rural India. Fullerton India Gramshakti offers easy housing loans to individuals in rural areas, assisting them in securing a home close to their heart. The loan amount can be used for purchase, repairs, new constructions or revamping of residential units in rural areas.

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Two-Wheeler Loans

With the growing businesses comes the need for independent transportation. Most rural families prefer the 2-wheelers as they are easy to use and can commute on any kind of roads. Fullerton India GramShakti offers a loan amount of ` 60,000 to facilitate this need.

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