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Kotak Life Group Insurance

We at Kotak Life value our Customers the most – in line with this thought we have designed specific solutions to provide protection to the customer along with loans taken. The solutions, as per need, can be opted along with a wide range of loans right from consumer durables, two wheelers and personal loans to home loans etc.

Group Insurance
Advantages to the customers
In case of occurrence of the insured event, borrower, his family and dependents will not have the burden of paying back outstanding loan amount as per the cover schedule provided by the Insurer as the insurance company will pay the benefits as defined
Ease in getting Group Insurance through simple procedure
Financial security for your family
Plans that can help achieve your goals:
Kotak Group Assure
(UIN: 107N051V03)

Everyone has big dreams and aspirations for your family’s future and you pick the best financial loans available to bridge the financial gap. Kotak Group Assure Plan protects the family of the life insured from risk of loan liability falling on their head in case of the demise of the insured. It also helps to protect customer’s assets and savings in the unfortunate event of death. The coverage is as per the loan repayment schedule and the outstanding loan amount is paid in case of any unfortunate event.

Kotak Group Shield
(UIN: 107N050V04)

To enable everyone realize their long cherished dreams of building a home, providing for children's education, creating assets or providing other attractive credit and savings options, we at Kotak Life Insurance design specific solutions. Kotak Group Shield is one of the group credit insurance plans that helps protect the assets in case of unfortunate event of death. This scheme provides total financial security to the customers by providing coverage equal to the initial loan amount.

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